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LISA (land information systems Austria) is a large project of the FFG by proxy of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and has the aim to present a digital, homogenous, quality-controlled and updatable land use and land cover data set.


Project manager: Mag. Thomas Guggenberger MSc

The contribution of the Agricultural Research and Education Centre (AREC) Raumberg-Gumpenstein (Dept. for economy and resource management) in the scope of LISA will take place together with the LFRZ. The aim is the preparation of appropriate data for agricultural utilization in order to create a structured catalogue of requirements as well as the participation in user meetings and the organisation and handling of one of these workshops at the AREC Raumberg-Gumpenstein.

The newness consists in the first-time compilation of the land cover on a standardized level. This offers the advantage of the possibility to registrate homogenous data across borderlines. Essentially, in this whole project it is at issue to create actual and detailed GIS-data for land use and land cover as well as to observe the respective changes periodically. These data are required by corresponding departments of the public administration of regions and state for spatial planning, agriculture and forestry as well as for water management, management of forces of nature and for the protection of nature and environment. The ambition herewith is the conception and creation of a catalogue of requirements, the preparation of processing chains for production, the production of always two prototypes for each of the participating countries and the drawing up of a LISA-website.

Besides the project LISA represents an important step in terms of the connection of national GMES-activities to European intentions (contribution to landmonitoring all over Europe) and stabilizes the leading role of Austrian providers in the area of land monitoring. The monitoring of resources of land and environment should be improved by the efficient utilization of methods for earth monitoring.

In this project the AREC Raumberg-Gumpenstein is represented by the department for economy and resource management (Mag. Thomas Guggenberger MSc). The function and ambition of this department is the preparation and provision of the mentioned GIS-data for land use and land cover of the agricultural areas together with the LFRZ (

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Land Information System Austria

2010 - 2010

Mag. Thomas Guggenberger, MSc
Ökonomie und Ressourcenmanagement


Mag. Thomas Guggenberger, MSc Mag. Thomas Guggenberger, MSc
Ökonomie und Ressourcenmanagement

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Feldstücke und homogenisierte Landnutzungszellen für LISA Feldstücke und homogenisierte Landnutzungszellen für LISA
4. Nutzerkonferenz LISA 21. - 22. April 2010
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