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Practical handbook for seed harvest and ecological restoration of species-rich grasslands

edited by: Dr. Bernhard Krautzer, Michele Scotton and Anita Kirmer

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Extensively managed semi-natural grassland can be regarded as a seed source useful to establish new species rich areas. Indeed, they are normally rich in species of native provenance and for this reason they can be harvested to obtain propagation material with high ecological value. State of the art techniques to create forage meadows or to restore degraded areas using commercial seed mixtures are not comparable with the target of ecological restoration done with propagation material from semi-natural grassland. Therefore a large number of different harvesting methods and application techniques have been developed for exploitation and application of site-specific seed or plant material. This handbook gives mainly an overview on techniques for seed harvesting and techniques for the establishment of semi-natural grassland.

Site-specific high zone restoration in the alpine region. The current technological development


Author: Dr. Bernhard Krautzer, Helmut Wittmann, Giovanni Peratoner,
               Dr. Wilhelm Graiss, Christian Partl

The content of the book is available in: German (page: 31-62), English (page: 1-30), Italian (page: 63-95), French (page: 97-130)

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There has been a dramatic change in the attitude of people to their environments in recent years. The maintenance of biological diversity has become a special concern of agrarian- and environmental policy. Above all in the restoration of high zones in the alpine region, consideration of biological diversity and a procedure as close to nature as possible has gained special significance. This book reflects current technological development in respect of site-specific high-zone restoration in the alpine region and should help, wherever possible, to bring the methods described here into use.


Site-specific grasses and herbs – seed production and use for restoration of mountain environments

Author: Dr. Bernhard Krautzer, Giovanni Peratoner, Ferdinando Bozzo

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This book intends to give impulse to the viability of these prerequisites. The possibilities and conditions for successful use in landscape construction of 25 different grasses and herbs naturally occurring in the middle and high zones are shown, and their botany and distribution comprehensively described. A significant element of the book gives the possibility of lucrative, non-regulated production detailed instructions for the economic seed production of all the species.

Conference proceedings: Soil-Bioengineering – ecological Restoration with Native Plant and Seed Material

edited by: Dr. Bernhard Krautzer, Eva Hacker

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This book shows successful European examples of site-specific restoration. The aim of this conference was to counteract erosion danger and damage in the landscape through vegetation development, which on the one hand fulfils the necessary protective function, and on the other hand initiates site-specific ecological restoration with the implementation of indigenous species and materials.

Praxishandbuch zur Samengewinnung und Renaturierung von artenreichem Grünland

edited by: Krautzer B., Kirmer, A., Scotton, M., (225 pages)

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This book is only available in German.

Mit diesem Praxishandbuch wollen wir Behörden und Firmen ein kompaktes Nachschlagewerk zu diesen Themenkreisen in die Hand geben, das die langjährigen Erfahrungen der Autoren bündelt.